Reasons To Buy Designer Dresses

postWhat is fashion?

To some it is taking a note the hottest trends off the runways, and to some it is taking inspirations from the runways and incorporating versions of the trends in their own individual style. To understand what people want to wear and what might appeal to the senses is the job fashion designers excel at and they is why they are there. To understand the trends, forecast some new trends and create unique versions of trends and convert them into wearable silhouettes for women and men. When there are hordes of clothes available in the markets and shopping malls are full of prêt-a-porter lines, why is it that there would still be some people who would want to shell out that extra moolah and go for fashion designer clothes instead?

The reasons are many and difficult to collate into one single article but we would still try to cover as much as we can over here.

The brand’s ideology is what appeals the most to you.

You have known and trusted this particular brand for ages, and it seems the most natural to you to be buying from a brand that has been trusted for years by your family. You know that the brand incorporates the latest trends in their designer clothing and that there’s this particular affinity for the styles that they excel at making. It can be distressed fashion clothes, or it can be sharp and chiselled silhouettes, but something that you totally feel is up your alley all the time. That particular logo is what you love to have on your, and you’d always be driven to that brand no matter what your need is.

This designer knows his job!

There’s this fashion designer who always makes something new, and what you want at that time is something fresh. And DIFFERENT! And for your exact need, the designer would be able to take a brief from you regarding your personal style and create and implement his own fashion sense to devise something that is delightfully beautiful.

You don’t know what you want but you have an idea.

You approach a fashion house, browse through catalogues and designs and zero in on a design that you like. You can now approach the specific designer and ask him to
recreate a piece that you have liked albeit a different rendition of it and voila, you are ready to stand apart from the crowd but in a pretty sort of way.