Avoiding Being Told To Dress Your Age

postI’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people tell others that they should ‘dress their age’ since when has clothing got an age limit? Unless you’re a bloke in a baby grow or you suddenly wearing a kid’s batman suit it baffles me as to why older men are constantly discouraged from being a little braver in their fashion choice.

OK so perhaps wearing shirts like Noel Edmonds or trying so hard that you now think your David Beckham can be a little bit much but dressing to impress should never be off limits and if you haven’t reached your 60’s just yet then who says that cardigans and fifty shades of brown should be all that is on the agenda?

Society seems to expect that once you pass the age of 40, you’ve lost all sense of fun and dressing conservatively and quite boringly is the only thing you should even consider. Naturally I’m not encouraging you to dress like a 15 year old but if you’re not quite ready to give up your love of fashion then don’t.

There are a number of fashion choices that are suitable for any age and the below are my personal favourites…

  • The Polo Shirt is the ultimate in casual clothing. There are a range of mens designer labels and high street stores who have their own ranges but generally speaking they all follow the same soft solar, two button style. From pinks and greens to whites and blacks from small emblems to wacky patterns. Paired with jeans and with or without knitwear or a casual jacket, there is no reason why any man cannot pull this off.
  • The V-Neck is simple classic knitwear that works for any occasion. Paired over a shirt for a casual smart look or worn over a t shirt for the more casual affair; a quality v neck knit is something that any man can pull off. Available in a range of colours and in unusual prints and quirky styles; the v neck is quite simply a style staple with no age limit.
  • Years ago, as men got older they began to dress smarter. Think about it, when was the last time you saw your granddad without a shirt and tie on? Today however the rules are far more relaxed. For this reason I always think it is wonderful when men of all ages wear a good pair of jeans. Whether this is paired with a casual smart shirt, t shirt or a knit; as long as you aren’t wearing them down to your knees there is no reason why you cannot continue wearing jeans for years to come.

From thick chunky cardigans to trousers and an overdose in brown shades; as men get older they are expected to conform to boring standards. Age however is just a number, wear what you want, wherever you want, however old you may be because your style is what you make it not what somebody tells you it is.