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6 Accessories To Wear With A Lederhosen

The Lederhosen is very popular in Germany. To have a complete traditional look you have to wear the Lederhosen with other accessories. Here are some of the accessories that you should wear with the outfit.

Bavarian Shirts

They come in variety of colors. For example, the shirt can be plain white or in a variety of colors such as blue, pink, green and purple. The shirts also come in different designs. For example, there are those that button-down front and others that are designed to slip over the head.

The good thing with Bavarian shirts is that they are comfortable, durable and easy to take care of.


These are traditional German jackets that are made from lamb’s wool. Their main feature is decorative buttons that are made of buckhorn or metal. They are usually made from highly processed wool that allows the jacket to have excellent temperature-regulating properties.


These ones are made from wood or velvet and excellent additions to the traditional attire. You can wear it as casual wear or during the festive occasions. They usually come in different colors such as red, grey, black, red, and many shades of brown.

Trachten Shoes

The shoes are extremely sturdy and comfortable and ideal for hiking and other outdoor activities. They are made from high quality leather with side-tie laces and heavy soles. They are also known as Haferlschuhe which is a name given to them by British tourists in the nineteenth century.


They are made from high-grade cotton that comes in neutral colors such as beige, grey, or white. In most cases, the socks are knitted in intricate patterns which gives them a unique look. There are two variations of these socks: Haferl socks which are the regular knee socks and Loferl socks which are made in two pieces: the ankle-length socks and a separate piece that covers the calf in order to provide you with warmth and style.


The hats are made from hunter’s equipment and are worn in order to protect you from sun. They also aid in protecting your head from the rain. They come in different colors such as grey, black and green. To give them a unique look they are usually decorated with pins, feathers, badges and other ornaments.


These are some of the accessories that you can wear with your Lederhosen. When buying the accessories always ensure that you buy them from reputable stores.